My tips for an amazing weekend in Riga, Latvia



Where to stay

You have to stay in the old town. Wandering down little cobble stoned streets will give you that instant holiday feeling, and the main square is packed full of inexpensive alfresco bars and cafes. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the airport and within walking distance of most of the key tourist attractions.

Airbnb seemed like a better option than a hotel in Riga, and we stayed at this one. The pictures don’t actually do justice to the weirdness of the decor, although the mixture of derelict industrial with kitsch and bold seemed to be something of a theme across the city. 2015-05-29 15-17-17


Breaking news: Man is attracted to woman for more than her physical appearance 2015-05-27 13-15-54

‘Forget boobs and long legs,’ says the Telegraph. ‘What men really look for in women’. It’s sadly unsurprising to me that the paper appears to be staffed by journalists who hitherto were of the opinion that “boobs and long legs” was all any man cared about when looking for any form of female partner. (more…)

Coolest things to happen during this election campaign

1. Re-democratising parliament

Lucy Hall is standing as an independent MP in Bermondsey and Old Southwark with a pretty original platform: she will re-democratise our parliamentary system so that she’s only ever representing the views of her constituents. It involves direct votes via an app, and scalability notwithstanding, it’s a pretty cool idea. She explained her views here.


I did ALL the exercise in the name of research, and it was actually kind of fun

In exactly one month it’ll be Valentine’s Day. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a day to celebrate romantic infatuation, it is in fact a perfectly timed, commercially constructed not-even-a-bank-holiday day, designed exclusively to make 90% of the population feel like they’re not good enough.Instagram will prove everyone wore a cuter heart-themed #OOTD than you, Facebook’ll show half your feed is now engaged and Twitter will be bursting with cynics who have come up with a wittier way to decribe the day’s pointlessness in 140 characters. It is literally social media hell.If there’s one good thing to say about Valentine’s Day, at least it’s a landmark. By the 14th of February the festive season is well and truly over, and there’s no excuse for still being a slovenly, perpetually cheese-craving, sofa-festering ragamuffin. It’s kind of time to sack off the Netflix binge-watching, stop pleading post-Christmas poverty and get the hell out of the house. The days are getting longer and people actually want to socialise again. Weirdos.One month to Valentine’s day means four weeks to get fit before life actually starts up again properly. Or at least to make it up one flight of stairs without getting out of breath. As much as I like the feeling of being virtuous, full disclosure disctates I should probably list the things I’m not willing to do to achieve it: