Independent: This December, it’s time we put an end to the cult of Christmas once and for all

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Metro: The takeaway from Prince Harry’s engagement is that the monarchy is a useless institution which needs to go

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Independent: Budget 2017: While pledging to help privileged house-buyers, Philip Hammond insulted homeless people across the country

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Metro: Religious institutions promote sexism through marriage and abortion ideology – changing God’s gender won’t fix that

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The Independent: Stop criticising Zoella just because you can’t understand her success

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The Independent: Avocados aren’t the only thing millennials will be remembered for – we’re the generation finally bringing change to Hollywood and Westminster

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The Independent: Why no one is mourning the disappearance of traditional east London cuisine

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The Independent: Jacob Rees-Mogg, if you think men shouldn’t touch women’s knees, then get your hands off our ovaries[Read entire article]


New York Magazine (The Cut): What is listening to podcasts all day doing to my brain?

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Metro: World Pasta Day: Why you should be eating pasta for breakfast

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Independent: If you really care about social mobility, you won’t support paying interns

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Independent: Last night, I saw Hillary Clinton – every young woman I told was excited and every middle-aged man asked why I’d bother

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Metro: Hillary Clinton proved how relevant she is to young women today with her London talk

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IndependentThe UK economy is about to tank over Brexit and Liam Fox wants to give the Queen a luxury yacht

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Metro: Keep your capsule wardrobes – I had to get rid of 95% of my clothes and it was harder than I ever imagined

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Metro: I never thought I’d agree with Grant Shapps but he’s right about one thing – it’s time to get rid of Theresa May[Read entire article]

The Independent: Why the latest ‘gender neutral’ school uniform policy isn’t actually liberal or progressive

BBC Newsnight: Should NHS cut some IVF treatments to save money?

The Independent: IVF is costly and ineffective – time to stop offering it on the NHS

Alphr: Why the YouTuber bubble is about to burst

The Guardian: Podcasts were guys talking about tech, then along came Serial Mashable: How podcasts are starting to help solve radio’s serious lack of diversity

The Independent: Calling Jeremy Corbyn the ‘absolute boy’ isn’t funny, it’s a reminder of how little he understands women’s issues

Refinery29: Is it OK to charge for booze at your wedding?

Alphr: This week’s Instagram update marks the final nail in the coffin for Snapchat

Alphr: Podcasts are more popular than ever, so why is the tech stuck in the past?

The Independent: Now Prince Philip is set to retire, let’s talk about getting rid of the monarchy entirely

Forbes: Are pop-up newspapers the future of print journalism?

Forbes: What does it mean that Trump is cancelling on the Correspondents’ dinner?

Alphr: How app-based storytelling is reviving the novel of letters

Forbes: Criticism Of BBC Journalist Laura Kuenssberg After Her Question To Trump Is Inaccurate And Dangerous

Refinery29: Life On A Canal Boat In Hackney

The Guardian: The misery of weird phobias: ‘In the office, there are buttons everywhere’


Alphr: The no-sharing culture: Why Uber-style food-sharing services just can’t succeed


Medium: Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners: What an unlikely group of 1980s activists can teach us about dealing with 2016’s terrifying political landscape


Huffington Post: I don’t want us to be remembered as ‘Generation Selfie’


The Daily Telegraph (print): Thriving start-ups depend on more than mere technologystartups-tech-telegrah

Grazia: 7 Things I wish I’d known before I lived alonegrazia

The Guardian: 10 Ways to grow your business todaygdn10ways

Extra Crispy: Merienda is the Spanish second breakfast you should be eating


Alphr: Welcome to Blendle, the tech startup looking to save journalism

screenshot-www.alphr.com 2016-06-23 11-18-46

Vox: What I learned from being the only woman at a startupscreenshot-www.vox.com 2016-05-23 10-03-05

Mental Floss: Top 10 feminist podcasts to get into on International Women’s Dayfeministpod

The Review: Chilecon Valley – How Chile became Latin America’s capital of techscreenshot-www.gemalto.com 2016-03-17 14-31-17

The Telegraph: Happy birthday sexist Wikipedia. Why do men still control our history?Telegraph Wikipedia

Gadgette: For the last time, technology isn’t killing romanceGadgette

The Guardian: Getting overseas e-commerce sales right as a small fashion businessscreenshot-www.theguardian.com 2015-12-15 12-07-22

Huffington Post: How a Hopeless City Girl Was Converted into Loving the Countrysidescreenshot-www.huffingtonpost.co.uk 2015-11-16 15-20-54

Pavement: Focus: Gimme Shelterpavement

Girl Lost In The City (guest post): Why are we trying to make feminism seem so complicated?GLITC

Media Focus with Paul Blanchard (Podcast): Freemium magazines, contributor networks, and adblockersMediafocus

Medium (The Start-Out): What I wish I’d known when I was starting out as a journalist the start out

VICE: Why I’m Glad I Was Bullied Mercilessly at Schoolvice bullied

Medium: I saw someone die, and it changed me forever


Feministing: It’s fine to like Clueless, but don’t call it a feminist moviefeministing

VICE: What it’s really like to grow up in IbizaVICE

Thought Catalog: In defence of hating music festivalsscreenshot-thoughtcatalog.com 2015-06-25 09-36-43

Huffington Post, Young Voices: It’s time to accept that London may be worth its exorbitant rentscreenshot-www.huffingtonpost.co.uk 2015-06-22 12-40-46

Independent Voices: Caitlyn Jenner’s first shoot is a victory – but is this really best version of femininity we can aspire to?screenshot-www.independent.co.uk 2015-06-03 10-24-20

Independent Voices: Rick Santorum’s presidential bid isn’t funny, it’s terrifyingscreenshot-www.independent.co.uk 2015-06-03 10-23-02

Consented: The state of the British media [panellist]consented

The News Hub: Birmingham statue celebrates single mums. Quite right

screenshot-www.the-newshub.com 2015-06-03 10-48-00

The News Hub: What’s going on between Russell Brand and Sean Hannity?screenshot-sirenabergman.com 2015-06-03 10-43-39

Huffington Post: The Problem with Miss England Claiming to Be a Feministscreenshot-www.thedebrief.co.uk 2015-06-03 10-05-02

The Guardian: How 50 startup businesses got themselves in front of investorsscreenshot-www.theguardian.com 2015-06-03 10-19-58

The Guardian: Chuka Umunna on what can be done to help SMEs

Chuka Umunna vid

The Guardian: How will George Osborne’s budget announcements impact small business?screenshot-www.theguardian.com 2015-06-03 10-16-27

The Guardian, Comment is Free: Graduate tax is not the only choicescreenshot-www.theguardian.com 2015-06-03 10-11-38

The Guardian, Comment is Free: When online privileges are abusedscreenshot-www.theguardian.com 2015-06-03 10-09-21

Huffington Post: Modern Feminism: Caitlin Moran vs E.L. Jamesscreenshot-www.huffingtonpost.co.uk 2015-06-03 10-02-50

The New Statesman: Bye, bye HMV – now bring back the booksscreenshot-www.newstatesman.com 2015-06-03 10-00-55

Liberal Conspiracy: UK needs to decriminalise drugs to reduce crime screenshot-liberalconspiracy.org 2015-06-03 09-54-20


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