Six podcasts for when you need some really good life advice 2015-09-30 11-01-151. DEAR SUGAR RADIO @CherylStrayed & @stevealmondjoy

The Dear Sugar column in online literary magazine The Rumpus is one of the most beautifully lyrical advice columns of all time, and it translates perfectly to audio. Sometimes episodes will focus on one single letter, sometimes on a theme, and sometimes they’ll draft in special guests such as author George Saunders or our generation’s most awesome teenager Tavi Gevinson.

The questions really range from relatively light and easy to pretty hardcore life issues, but Steve and Cheryl seem to wrap listeners in a quilt of rich voices, telling us we will be OK, no matter what. (more…)

Five podcasts to listen to if you’re obsessed by all things internet 2015-06-25 11-24-111. REPLY ALL @ReplyAll

“A show about the internet”, it focuses on a particular topic for its weekly 30 minute show, which is inevitably a fascinating tiny niche of internet culture which you never knew how desperately you wanted to know about, from who invented email to the Ecuadorian president’s Twitter presence.

There’s also a fantastic segment in which they unpack a weird tweet layered with ironic online cultural references that you’ll feel simultaneously relieved and embarrassed you didn’t understand.

Bonus points: For being produced by the awesome Gimlet Media, who do the best native advertising in the podcasting space.

Best episode: My personal favourite and the one I’ve pushed upon anyone who will listen is called We know what you did, and it’s about the man who did a terrible thing in the 90s, the consequences of which we’re still dealing with today…

Hosted by: the painfully charming Alex Blumberg and PJ Vogt (more…)