The three days that almost turned me into an unlikely nature lover

IMG_20151103_141549“I don’t do the countryside,” I claimed a couple of years back on my first date with my boyfriend, when he told me that his dream was to wind up living somewhere with a 360 degree view of green stuff.

I was being truthful: I’m not into trees, or mountains, or “peace and quiet” (inevitably a euphemism for “boring as drying paint”); until relatively recently I couldn’t remember ever having actually seen a cow.

Fast forward to last month and I woke up one Saturday morning after weeks of late nights, early mornings, 14-hour work days and a to-do list that just seemed to get longer and longer and started to see the appeal of a cottage in the middle of nowhere, with no wifi, no phone signal, no responsibilities, and no google calendar alerts. (more…)

Blame TfL’s grossly unfair working conditions for the tube strike, not the Unions

boris johnson#Unsurprisingly, London is in meltdown. There’s a tube strike for a whole day and a half and all you read, see and hear are outraged comments about the incredible disruption this will cause to every Tom, Dick and Harry’s commute.

It’s hard to blame people for taking out their anger on the workers. The media coverage of TfL industrial action is so incredibly unbalanced and biased against unions that it could make Margaret Thatcher cackle in her grave, and the sad thing is that we lap it up. (more…)