Hi, mainstream media. Can we all stop with the Zoella-bashing please?



Last week was big for the YouTube world. Jim Chapman hosted a BBC3 documentary about the ‘rise of the superstar vloggers*’ and Zoella – possibly one of the most recognisable faces of UK vlogging – hit 10 million subscribers, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the mainstream media.

It was disappointing to read one of my favourite media commentators, Roy Greenslade, speak so disparagingly about the young content creators who are changing the rules of the entertainment industry and building careers by being approachable, savvy and incredibly determined.

The first sign in the Evening Standard piece that Mr Greenslade really knew very little about the world he was criticising was when he selected a Zoella make-up tutorial to cynically break down into derogatory soundbites. (more…)

Just one example of why we need to make better journalism


“The internet is killing real journalism!”

I hear this phrase in some iteration at least once a week. Over wine talking to fellow journalists, on Twitter from disgruntled reporters, during my favourite media podcasts over and over again, and surprisingly often from interested bystanders who have no involvement in the industry. The fact that BuzzFeed is poaching the Guardian’s staff at lightening speed is either proof for or against, depending on your argument.

I’ll tell you what isn’t killing journalism though: the fact that anyone with something to say can find an audience. The fact that blogs set up in someone’s living room can gain worldwide attention, giving huge platforms to people like Jack Monroe, Laurie Penny or Jessica Valenti: people who don’t necessarily fit into the “middle aged, middle class white male” that used to be the face of 99% of the media. (more…)

Breaking news: Man is attracted to woman for more than her physical appearance 2015-05-27 13-15-54

‘Forget boobs and long legs,’ says the Telegraph. ‘What men really look for in women’. It’s sadly unsurprising to me that the paper appears to be staffed by journalists who hitherto were of the opinion that “boobs and long legs” was all any man cared about when looking for any form of female partner. (more…)