Six podcasts for when you need some really good life advice 2015-09-30 11-01-151. DEAR SUGAR RADIO @CherylStrayed & @stevealmondjoy

The Dear Sugar column in online literary magazine The Rumpus is one of the most beautifully lyrical advice columns of all time, and it translates perfectly to audio. Sometimes episodes will focus on one single letter, sometimes on a theme, and sometimes they’ll draft in special guests such as author George Saunders or our generation’s most awesome teenager Tavi Gevinson.

The questions really range from relatively light and easy to pretty hardcore life issues, but Steve and Cheryl seem to wrap listeners in a quilt of rich voices, telling us we will be OK, no matter what. (more…)

Ashley Madison hack reactions show we have massive issues with casual sex and non-monogamy

ashleymadisonA reported 37 million “cheating dirtbags” understandably panicked this week, as news emerged that leading “married dating website” Ashley Madison was hacked by a group threatening to release the information of its users.

The rhetoric has been as predictable as it is disheartening: ‘It’s outrageous that people use such services, they shouldn’t do so without expecting some sort of karmic comeuppance, the site itself is damaging to society and should just close down.’

As a progressive society we’re willing to speak out against prejudices on the grounds of race, gender, age and sexuality; we’ve accepted non-binary gender identities and call out the victim-shamers when it comes to rape and sexual assault, yet non-monogamy and the embracing of NSA (no strings attached) sex is still considered blanketly immoral. (more…)

Reasons to go and see The Overnight. ASAP.

The Patrick Brice sex comedy came to British cinemas on Friday. It’s super funny, smart, has great acting, an excellent script and it actually makes you think. At 70 minutes you leave wanting more, yet knowing you’ve had just enough. Here’s why you should make it your cinema treat this month, even though it is 30 degrees outside.