Stop mocking Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts at social media, at least he’s trying to engage a younger audience

jeremy corbyn at rallyThis weekend, breaking news in certain corners of the internet has been Jeremy Corbyn’s recent foray into the worlds of Snapchat and Instagram, and how it’s a social media car crash to rival a Kanye meltdown.

The faux pas have by any measure been fairly cringeworthy: his Instagram handle is jeremy_corbynmp, making his surname sound like it should rhyme with gore-gimp, and half of his snaps are in landscape format shot by a weirdly omnipresent third party who captioned a charming upload ‘selfie queue’ despite a distinct lack of selfies (clue’s in the name: it’s when you take a picture of yourself, not just anything involving a camera) and queues.


Jeremy Corbyn is the first major political figure in the UK to sign up to Snapchat, the messaging service with 100 million daily active users of which almost half are under 25. It’s easy to stick to the snarky judgements, but it’s a lot more important to realise what this means. (more…)